Articles 2017

Education and Nutrition

Nutrition for Education - Nourishing, nurtutring, educating and empowering children

When six year old Kiran Wagh joined the Mission Education centre at Kalyan in Maharashtra, her teachers took note of her extreme health condition. She was visibly malnourished, looked much younger than her age and was covered in dirt…

Empowering Grass roots

Empowering Grassroots – changing the face of nation!

The growth of the non-profit sector in India in the last two decades has been phenomenal. India has possibly the largest number of active non-government, not-for-profit organizations in the world. Official estimates put the number at 3.3 million. From relief services to educational initiatives…


Health cannot wait for the poor

The queues in front of the hospitals are ceasing to reduce, so are the agonies of the people .The sudden change in the economic scenario has brought many changes in the country, wreaking overnight havoc in the lives of the average people. The most affected are the rural and urban poor….

Skills Training

Get ready with online skills training: easy, free and convenient

Globalisation and a thriving Indian economy have opened up tremendous employment opportunities in retail and service sectors mostly. The opportunities have also brought along a new perspective to the way these jobs are performed and the skills needed…


Youth Empowerment

Enabling the young to garner demographic dividend

Today, more than half of India’s population is below the age of 25. In another seven years, India’s average age will be just 29 years, in comparison with 37 in China and the United States, 45 in Western Europe and 48 in Japan; making it the country with the largest young population in the world…

Employment and Equality

Integrating Women in India's Growth Story

“Gender equality does not imply that all women and men must be the same. Instead, it entails equipping both with equal access to capabilities; so that they have the freedom to choose opportunities that improve their lives. It means that women have Equal access to resources and rights as men, and vice versa.”…